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Colleges and Universities often struggle with grant tracking and monitoring contracts that are outside the standard payroll schedule. CollegeTime provides an effective work flow process for both faculty and student populations, which controls grant time and amount limits. It generates standard State, Federal, and private institutions grant status reports and also manages tax treaties. Employees, Adjunct Professors, and other staff can be
set up on a payment schedule that matches their contract. CollegeTime can set up an unlimited amount of contracts, whether the position is filled or not, and is able to send to payroll, based on your needs. CollegeTime provides a two-way interface with your payroll provider’s platforms, and connects to most commonly used college software systems.


Adjunct Professors

Monitors contracts ensuring that adjuncts are paid properly over the life of the contract.

Report Writing Tool

Generate reports in CollegeTime with actual payroll data.


Keep track of regular staff and staffing needs through position control.


Ensure that students do not go over the 20 hours per week while in session. Keep track of awards & grants through dollar amount.


Maintain an unlimited number of earnings categories that can tie to benefits and timing of payments.


Keep track of steps and grades for any union employee to ensure proper payments.

Teaching Contracts

Allows for proper allocation of salary to be paid over non-standard time spans (i.e. 9 months, 10 months, or 11 months).


Integrated time and labor system to keep track of hours worked. Multiple time sheets available based on specific employee entry and PTO tracking.

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